04 September 2014



demi Allah, ive been looking fr dis agak lama jugak. i always be in dis situation, and alhamdulillah. at least, NOW, ive something to stand on everytime wen i feel guilty bcs of dis matter. im very sure, most of us pernah hadapi situasi macam ni. well, me too. sampai satu tahap, i feel give-up. give-up to myself cos i cant spread the dakwah of our beloved Prophet SAW. i feel so bad, REALLY. i dont know wat to do, ive no idea. i blank! i love dem kot, but i cant do anything! Allah. so i hope dis lil note dat i found kt Facebook (thanks fr dos yang share..), it wil brings a huge "something" from my heart dat i cudnt speak. dear Allah, im very weak. very weak, but i try my level best to help ur Deen. in sha Allah. i'l keep trying, again and again til my last breath...
sekian, wasallm.

# ALHAMDULILLAH fr everything!