07 February 2014


lets make d world a beautiful place w HL! =D

HAVE YOU HAD UR SHAKE TODAAAAY??? yes, ive had my ohseeeem shake todaaay!! every morning, yummy!! dear readers, u shud try dis. seriusly, i just wnna share the happiness with u all by having 300ml shake of HERBALIFE everyday! ok, wat flavour of shake do you prefer?? Chocolate, Cappocino, Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, and Vanila?? the choice is in ur hand, bt there are no wrong choices!! trust me ok, TRUST ME. alright, straight to the point. listen. eh no, i mean READ here. im so happy bcs im not the only one lagi who always yawning in class, hoho. bye bye 'a character' dat can spoil my personality as the best student in class! pffft, riaknyaaa.

bt seriously, dis amazing shake cn boost ur energy levels and improving ur stamina!! dats the obvious changes in my life lah, ada banyak lagi. tapi malas nk tulis, huhu. and i just cnt believe dat at my age nw, i cn make my own money!! Allah. im very happy, VERY. haish, mcm manalah saya tk jatuh hati dengan HERBALIFE ni. it oso really helps people around me to have their healthy life style, Allahu Rabbi. ia terbukti ok, huhu. so if u wanna feel the same, ASK ME HOW!! im glad to be your personal wellness coach, ill guide you until you get the result dat you wnt!! dengan izin Allah, ill help you!! haa, excited tak?? if u want to knw more bout dis magical HERBALIFE, add me on Facebook: Ania Narma. kbai, nk siapkn assignmnt pulak~
sekian, wasallm.

# once a HERBALIFE user, forever a HERBALIFE user!