02 August 2012


Allahu Rabbi.

it's already 3.00am but i still cnt sleep, hurm. my mood is not good today, huaaa..!! siang td ketawa sakan, tk sangka pulak malamnya berduka. huhu, i dnt knw how to explain wht i feel right now. the things happend just nw makes my tears falling down, im so sad!! ya Allah, only You knw the 'condition' of my heart right now. hanya pada- Mu tempat ku mengadu, please please! dont leave me ya Allah, i need You! i knw whatever You plan fr me is good fr me, so please guide me to be the best even if i do not perceive it as so! 

i ask fr strength, Allah gave me difficulties to make me strong. i asked fr wisdom, Allah gave me problems to solve. i asked fr courage, Allah gave me obstacles to overcome. i asked fr love, Allah gave me troubled people to help. i asked fr favors, Allah gave me opportunities. yes, maybe i received nothing i wanted but i received everything i needed! and fr sure, everything happens fr a reason. dn sudah pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya, sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan membebani hamba- Nya diluar kemapuan hamba- Nya. insyaAllah, i cn overcome all of this ujian dn dugaan. and i know, Allah SWT is always by my side to guide me~

# the more test you are facing, the more sins you are reducing!