30 December 2012


kesabaran itu pasti akan diganjari.

"oh my dear Allah, i felt so sinful today. i felt so sinful because i let myself to think and miss a man that is not my fated husband, huhu. ya Allah, apa yang aku rasakn ini hadir tanpa dipaksa! aku takut ya Allah, why do i miss him?? ya Allah, if he is not fr me please erase him from my mind. the sooner the better ya Allah, because it hurts so much to still love a man who dont notice it. plus, im not ready yet to think about all this! please erase him fast ya Allah, so that i cn set him free from the sins of letting me love him more than i should have love You! i know that love comes from You, but please erase this love if it is not good fr me. i would rather to be alone than having this love in me, i had neglected You much when i was obsessed loving him! betapa hinanya aku ya Allah, huhu.

if loving him is bad fr me, makes me not love him ya Allah. but if he is the one You have set fr me as my lifetime partner, let him come when it is fated as the time fr us to get married. so that i wont neglected You anymore, huhu. please let him come only when i had know You the most, so that i cn be the best fr him. i have so many weakness that makes me not good enough fr him, so please let him come when im at my best fr him! i lay everything to You, and i put my trust in You because i know You knw what best fr me! Dear Allah, if im to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to You! ameen, and dear readers! Allah knws best about the past, the present and the future. always hv faith in Allah, fr He knows us better than we know ourselves! in sha Allah, everything will be fine..." 

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